This attachment functions just like the CRB Tip Top Wrapper in that it assists you in wrapping the tip tops of rods that are very "bendy" towards the top. This product will fit on the standard American Tackle and Pacific Bay rod lathes. It may fit on other wrapper stands as well. If you are unsure, measure the center to center distance between the two screws that hold the bottom two wheels on your rod wrapper stand. If they are 20mm from the center of one screw to the center of the other screw, it will fit. If you have a different stand and would like to get one of these fitted for your stand, please dont hesitate to contact me and we can get one made up. 


Assembly and demonstration video can be found here: Rod Lathe Tip Top Wrapper

Rod Lathe Tip Top Wrapper

  • Each item comes with:

    1 - Wrapping Assistant Base

    1 - Wrapping Assistant Leg

    2 - M4x30 Screws

    2 - M4x20 Screws

    3 - M4 Nuts


    You will need to supply:

    M4 or 4mm Allen Wrench

    Optional Rubber Band


    The color of the item is chosen at random in order to ship as quick as possible. 

  • These optional O-rings are oversized to allow for better contact with ice rod blanks. The OEM O-rings on the standard rod lathes are small enough to allow the finer noodle tip rods to bend excessively and even slip between the lower 2 wheels that the blank rests on. These can be just be placed on the lower 2 wheels or you can replace all 3 O-rings on the rod stand. Either way will work just fine.