Up your game this ice season with a Mud Dog Rod! The standard price includes your choice of rod length, grip style, black or chrome guides, and two colors on the rod. If you would like any other upgrades or options on your rod please contact us before placing your order so we can discuss customizing your rod further. 


As a side note, other options are available such as custom blank colors or patterns as well as custom handles, thread wrap designs and color schemes. Or if you have an idea for your rod that isnt listed, PLEASE dont hesitate to call so we can work out the details!

Custom Fiberglass Ice Rod

SKU: 221
  • When choosing what options you would like for your rod, try and think about where you will use it, wether its inside or outside most, what colors you like and what are easiest to see for you, what grip will work best with your style, etc. Please try to provide what reel you plan to use with the rod, as well as what weight and size lures you plan to fish with. This helps us tremendously when it comes to tuning a blank specifically for you. 


    Before we even THINK about building on any blank, we load test each and every rod blank to determine if there are any defects in the blank that could have occured during production or shipping and handling. Once it passes our load test, the blank is then checked for straigtness. Unfortunately no blank can be produced perfectly straight, but we do our absolute best get the straightest blanks for you. Trust me, it makes the building process much less difficult as well. 


    If you have ANY questions regarding your options for your ice rod, please dont hesitate to contact us.