These handles are selected at random from a bin of handles that would be considered "seconds". Much like errors in rod blank manufaturing there are errors from time to time when 3D printing handles. These handles are selected randomly and will have varying inner diameters, color and style. Some may be completely "one off" while never being publicly introduced.


Some of these handles may have scratches, plastic blobs, or slight imperfections that disqualify them from meeting the higher standards of the full priced handles. 


These "seconds" are a cheap and easy way to get a feel for 3D printed handles, build "loaner" rods, or cut costs on a build. 


You can request some preferences in size, color and style, and I will do my best to get close to your requests, but no guarantees. If you want a handle that will be a close fit, in the color and style you want, check out the other handles offered.

3D Printed Handle - Mystery "Grab Bag"

  • *NOTE: I would not ship a handle that can't be used. All of the "seconds" handles will be able to be used, some may require a little bit of sanding or smoothing to get any imperfections out. If you receive a handle that has too small of an inner diameter for your blank, you can drill the handle out, BUT BEWARE there is only a couple millimeters of plastic before you drill through the inner "sleeve" and approach the infill. These handles are not solid plastic, which is why they perform so well and are so light. Most handles are only 10 to 15 percent plastic by volume. Any drilling should be done like good BBQ, low and slow. Remove little amounts of material at a time. I.e. Small steps in drill bit sizes, up to what you need.