You could say it all started when I was old enough to bait a hook. My fishing experience started on Mille Lacs Lake chasing walleyes with my dad. When I wasn't in the boat with my dad, I was at the docks in a nearby harbor trying my best to weed through the many bullheads to get some slab sunfish. Later on, my attention turned to Northern Pike and Musky. After which I decided to expand my horizons and try for trout and salmon that frequent the tributaries along the north shore of Lake Superior. 

All this fishing for different species of fish with countless over the counter rods always left something to be desired. After hearing about the rod building craft from my father, I decided I would give it a shot. Several years later I had many friends and family requesting rods and that turned into friends of friends and now I ship rods all over the country. With the rise in popularity of custom made rods, the market is flooded with rods that have been custom made, but are not made for the individual. Every person is different and a custom rod should be made to fit that person. When you buy a Mud Dog Rod you will be getting a rod tailored to you.